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Here is 123Movies New site name and Latest URL where you can watch movies online free full movie no sign up. You can also watch TV Series online free full episodes without downloading on 123Movies official online movie streaming website. Click on the URL link below to go to our official website and start watching your favorite movies or series.


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S2 E14 / Apr. 17, 2011 Los protegidos
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What is 123movies new site name?

“123movies new site name was 123movieshub.to and then alternatively their are several look alike site of 123movies. One of them is 23movies.xyz.”

123movies is a torrent website where you can watch and download all the new/latest movies, web series, and TV shows in HD format for free. 

Yes, you heard it right! All the new movies for free that too in HD. 

Various websites on the internet enable users to watch and download films, series, and TV shows for free. 

Despite this, 123movies 2020 website is one of the most trendy amongst all the others. 

123movies 2020 allows the users to watch and download the latest HD movies. Isn’t that amazing! What else does a movie enthusiast want?

However, unlike the other torrent sites, 123movies 2020 also permits you to request a movie not available on their website. 

Consequently, within a few hours, you will be able to enjoy the requested movies without any sort of discomfort. You can even download them.

Thus, if you are a movie buff and don’t want to spend your money in cinema halls, then 123movies 2020 will be the perfect place for you. 

This site is top-rated. According to the American Motion Pictures Association, 123movies is the most popular pirated website in the world.

123movies Online is one among of the top most-rated piracy websites which do provide provide all the latest movies & TV series that too for free to all of its site users. This website is very famous all across the world, and it scores humungous data from almost every part of the world and through almost every video streaming platform. All the latest movies are uploaded very soon within no time from their date o release, and often they even release the content before it is released in the theaters officially. One can also stream the movie on the website directly . But, most of the webiste visiters prefer to download it directly instead of streaming.

Chronicle of 123movies

123movies initially originated in Vietnam. The site has also gone through several changes in its name after being ousted from various domains; sometimes the new site name appeared as “123movies”, and some other times as “123movies”.  123movies has been declared as one of  the most popular illegal website back in April 2018 by the Motion Pictures Association of America. This website had been shut down in April 2018 by even the Vietnamese authorities. Also, 123movies was primarily banned due to the reason of giving  access to the latest movies to its viewers. This also led to a loss in revenue of movie theatres and multiplexes.

123movies proxy websites

Do you know what is a proxy website? A proxy website is basically an alternative URL or the domain name of the main website which is used to access the banned or illegal website in case of any redirection. A proxy site is used to redirect the main site to a new domain name without any loss of its data.

123moviesOnline webiste’s presence In Different Countries

Piracy of movie is illegal in almost every country, and not even one country encourages it. The Government officially banned many piracy websites like Movierulz and TamilRockers and others. But, something to notice and mention is that every move made by Cyber teams and Governments is always dumped in vain as the illegal website like 123movies admins always come up with some or the other tricks and escape. They simply or very easily change their website extension and then continue their piracy and video services to their viewers.

How 123movies new site name works?

If reports are to be trusted, the operators of 123movies operate the website from the outside world. This is done to ensure that their identity is not revealed, and they remain safe.

The operators hide their identity as 123movies 2020 is an illegal website, and piracy is a criminal offense.

You will not find the primary domain/URL of 123movies on google as there is a criminal investigation going on in Vietnam.

But, that is not going to be an issue.

Though piracy is a crime, there are still thousands of websites making money from piracy.

You will easily find the clone websites of 123movies on the web.

After the release of the new movie, it is uploaded on the foster portal of the 123movies 2020 website in few hours.

So, you have direct access to all the new and fresh content.

123movies new site name Links

Though the primary domain/URL is not active on Google, finding a clone website for 123movies is an easy task. 

To make this task easier for you guys, we have made a list of all the active links, domains, or URLs of the 123movies 2020 website.

All you need to do is to copy these URLs on the google and BOOM! 

You will be directed to 123movies 2020 website.

NOTE: 123movies is an illegal website. So using this website for streaming movies can potentially land you in legal trouble. Thus, we highly suggest you not to use torrent websites. 

How to watch and download movies?

There is no specific method to watch and download movies, web series and TV shows from 123movies. But still, if you are confused about how to do so, then we have come up with some simple steps.

Below are the elementary steps that you need to follow if you want to watch and download the new films from 123movies.

  1. Visit any working or active domain or URL of 123movies.
  2. Search for the film that you wish to watch or download in the search bar on the homepage.
  3. Another thing that you can do is to choose your movie from the several genres available on the 123movies 2020 website.
  4. Pick a suitable format in which you wish to either watch or download the film.
  5. Once you are done making a choice, then click on the movie. A new page will open up.
  6. On the new page, click the download button.
  7. The film will start to download in your computer system.
  8. You can now watch it with popcorn.

Things you must keep in mind while watching or downloading movies from 123movies 2020 website.

  1. You are bound to get pop-up ads or advertisements while you will be downloading or watching the movie.
  2. You need to have a secure and robust internet connection as the 123movies 2020 website uses a lot of it.
  3. Keep your patience level high while downloading or watching on the site. It might take time to load the server.

You will easily find all the new or latest Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hollywood and Bollywood movies, web series, and TV shows for free on 123movies 2020 website.

So don’t forget to stream all the upcoming and newly released movies on this website. It is better that you binge-watch all the new stuff in this quarantine rather than getting bored in your home.

123movies has its owners from Vietnam and the website is hosted in Vietnam only. Even being hosted in Vietnam the website has all its content in English only as the target audience of this website owners are people from USA and India. The website earns from advertisements and other ads and therefore the website is free for all.

Many movie associations from around the world have banned 123movies for being an illegal website which pirates the movie and then distribute it to the audience without legal certificates and copyrights.

The official website of 123movies is down since 2018 but many people have started websites by using the brand 123MOVIES. It was declared illegal by the government of many countries to pirate and distribute movies without proper legal rights and certificates.

After the official 123movies website was closed, there came many clone and exact replica websites of 123movies which were created by people from many places. But soon these people got together and what they are now doing is that they are referring all the 123movies clone websites from 1 single website and diverting users on all these websites via banner ads or pop up ads.

123movies new site name FAQs

Is it safe to use?

The answer to this is a big NO!

In our country, 123movies 2020 is banned/blocked, like all other torrent sites. 

Hence, using 123movies is against the law. Not only 123movies 2020 but using any other torrent website is not safe and can even land you in legal trouble.

That is why torrent sites are banned here. We have strict anti-piracy laws in our country because

  1. Piracy business generates a huge loss to the film making industry every year.
  2. People are switching to the torrent websites and not using the legal sites & ways to watch the movies, which is a loss to many industries and even the government. Also, it restricts citizens from paying entertainment tax.
  3. Piracy and pirated websites violate the filmmakers’ rights and cause Copywrite issues.

Thus, torrent sites like 123movies 2020, Uwatchfree, Khatrimaza are forbidden for the citizens.

NOTE: As 123movies 2020 is not safe, we genuinely recommend you to use the legal alternatives and ways.

Is it legal?

123movies 2020 is a banned website because it violates the anti-piracy laws of the government. Thus, it is not an official or legal website. Therefore, using 123movies or any other pirated website will give you trouble. 

In simple words, NO 123movies 2020 is not legal. It is ILLEGAL.

Hence if you are still using it, you need to be extra careful. 

Genres of movies you will find on 123movies. 

Unlike all the other torrent websites, you can get movies of many genres and categories on 123movies 2020 website.

123movies have neatly organized thousands of films and shows based on their genre. The arrangement makes it easy for the users to explore and select the movie of their choice. 

Therefore, you don’t need to struggle anymore to search for your favorite movie online. The 123movies 2020 website also provides the latest TV Shows and Web series. Because of such diverse content, several users visit 123movies 2020 for streaming. 

1) Is it illegal to use 123movies 2020? 

The answer to this question is a big YES!

Yes, 123movies is illegal. There is no doubt about this. 

123movies 2020 is a torrent website. It leaks all the new movies, web series, and TV shows for its users, so it is banned in the country. Hence, you should be vigilant while using 123movies.

We recommend you not to use torrent sites.

2) What is the real 123movies site or URL?

123stream.tv the original site of 123Movies. But besides these websites, there are several other clone websites for 123movies.

3) Is 123movies gone?

No, the main URL of 123movies is not active because of the ongoing investigation on his sites in Vietnam. Nut it is still active via its clone websites.

What are some of  the Best Legal Alternatives or substitute for 123Movies?

It is in every case and situation, better and advised to use and utilize legitimate sites to watch your preferred or desired movies on the web. Considering all the things and aspects, you are safe and protected and can watch your film calmly. Truly, one should spend atleast a little on his or her diversion, in any event it doesn’t cost you so much that it would if and when you go for a film with your family for the entire year. Nothing is as enjoyable and safe as viewing your preferred films at home with popcorn wearing your night wear. Other than unlawful / illegal or downpour locales, there are many legala dn advised film destinations accessible out there including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, MX Players, and others offering every single new film and TV arrangement inside days of their official discharge.

How can you download from 123 Movies: 123movies download?

This goes to all those who are really interested to download movies from this amazing site. If you want to download from the site, you will have to just go through this article so you don’t make any mistake.

After discussing abpout the different aspects of 123 movies, the question is how can one download movies from 123movies? So the best sorted option for hassle-free downloading steps are given below:

1: First and foremost, you will require Good internet connectivity to begin with.

2: Enter the URL of the site.

3: You should make use of the search bar at the top corner of the site to locate whatever you want to download to watch.

4: Once found the desired movie, series or show etc. click on download formats such as mp3 or mp4.

5: Tap on download option and wait for it to get downloaded into your respective devices.

How before long does 123Movies discharge another movie?

123Movies the illegal and unlawfull site discharges old just as new motion pictures on its site. At that point when any another movie is discharged in the theater, this illegal site does the theft of the film and then transfers it on its site. User, viewers, and visitors of the website can get the most recent film download joins from 123Movies illicit sites rapidly once the most recent film is released. Gushing or downloading motion pictures from illegal sites like 123Movies, FMovies, Filmywap is a wrongdoing and is not advised. So we suggest not to watch or download motion pictures from these sorts of illegal piracy websites.

Is downloading of 123Movies (123movies download) 2020 motion pictures illegal and a criminal act?

We do realize that, in India and even in different nations around the globe, pilfering is a lawful act. In India, wrongdoing isn’t just transferring, yet even watching recordings on the 123Movies site as well. Undoubtedly, on the off chance that you’ve been caught riding some downpour or let say unapproved site in India, the legislature has the privilege and power to capture you as indicated by the Anti Piracy Act mention in the law.

Downloading and even watching 123Movies recordings or whatever other robberous act that energizes and boosts such sites is illicit in India. Getting any  video downloaded from any pilfered site is a lawful act or crime and it nearly includes cheating. It is illegal or let say unlawfull in full consistence with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Hence, it is completely unlawful to watch motion pictures when they are discharged / distributed / released. 123Movies website has an extremely decent style and development. It’s not only doable to stream motion pictures from PDAs on PCs so PCs, and it is wonderful as an add on. Tamil recordings gushing stage provides all of the most recent motion pictures in goals mof 320p, 720p, 1080p.

Undoubtedly, on the off chance that you’ve been caught riding some downpour or let say unapproved site in India, the legislature has the privilege and power to capture you as indicated by the Anti Piracy Act mention in the law.

What are exactly some of  the unlawfully spilled motion pictures on 123Movies site in 2020?

123Movies site releases innumerous motion pictures every year. A few motion pictures are distributed on this site around the same time of it’s official appearence. Infamous for pilfering various motion pictures, series and shows, the ‘123Movies’ and 123Movies versatile site has truly become a head out to site for some film darlings to watch inconceivable motion pictures for free of cost .123Movies has released some of the Tamil motion pictures quite late upon the arrival of it’s dramatic appearance. The site has illicit and illegally released many a few blockbuster films ( 123movies bollywood ) including Kadaram Kondan, Sahoo, Adithya Varma, Avengers: Endgame, Baahubali, Baahubali 2, Robot 2, Bharat, Kabir Singh, and some more. 123movies hindi movies are also available  easily on 123movies.com

According to Wikipedia 123movies receives approximately 98 million users monthly, making it one of the most popular online streaming website. It was even tagged “most popular illegal site” by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in March 2018. The website is a free streaming site and this account for its popularity too.

Does 123movies have wide list of movies?

123movies provides a vast list of movie titles ranging from recently release blockbusters to trending movies. If you are looking to watch a recent blockbuster or variety of movie selection, 123movies is sure not to disappoint. You can find most movies and television shows on 123Movies. Apart from new blockbuster films that are just recently released in theaters, you can also find titles from other popular streaming sites, such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

Is 123movies safe for movie streaming?

Since one can stream without login or actually downloading from the website, it is safe to watch movie on the site. However should you decide to download from the website, as is applicable to all download sites; caution should be applied to avoid malwares.

There are many movie websites out there however only few are worth a trial. 123movies gives a unique viewing experience; no login required, search options makes it easier to find recent and upcoming movies as well as genres and it also offers great streaming experience without annoying Ad interference.

Are 123movies safe?

The 123movies free website is not  a specifically legal option to download movies, TV shows or web series because the vast content it showcases on its website is not presented in legal and authorised ways as is practised by other renowned streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It would not be wrong to compare 123movies with other pirate websites such as Filmyzilla, Putlocker , Pirate Bay, Tamilrockers and Tamilyogi. The people who run 123movies face a large risk and legal action that could be taken if caught as making HD content publicly accessible to download is illegal. Users have to be very cautious as many countries even have cyber laws to keep the activity of illegal websites in check.

Using sites that violate the copyrights of movies is a crime/ offense and it should not be done without taking proper precautionary measures. The best possible way one can keep the network safe while accessing these types of websites is by using a VPN(Virtual Private Network).

VPNs allow you to surf the internet with total privacy by giving you full desired anonymity. It attains this by the genesis of a secure and hidden network only for you from your primary internet connection. Simply explained, it masks your online trace or footsteps on the internet i.e. nobody will be able to find you unless they are using the same internet connection as you.