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Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz–business partners in Iowa-based Antique Archaeology and friends since the 8th grade–are part sleuths, part antiques experts, and part cultural historians. They call themselves “pickers” because their job is to pick through backyard junk piles, abandoned barns and neglected garages scattered across the back roads of America looking for hidden collectibles they can make a buck on. While hunting for collectibles in Central Iowa, Mike and Frank meet 88-year-old WWII veteran Leland and buy the Japanese sword he brought back from the war. Mike takes a chance on an old saddle and ends up with a big surprise. The guys head over to Danny Beans’ — a man whose dozen barns are packed with junk but is reluctant to sell them anything. Office manager Danielle tracks down a retired carnie named “Bear” who’s sitting on an awesome collection of vintage rides.

Jan. 18, 2010