Demon King Daimao: 1x11

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The Girls' Final Battle

Lily stands outside school grounds to repel against attempt of all the clan members to destroy the demon beasts surrounding the area. Yamato arrives in the headquarters and kidnaps Kena away from Fujiko. Eiko uses Junko to protect herself and orders her to take out Lily. Even to when all fails, Lily does her best to take out Eiko. 2V uses his puppets to fight against the clan in order to force Lily on his side. Lily uses her ultimate attack on him, but he manages to escape. When all hope is lost, Akuto is revealed to have survived 2V’s attack from the aircraft carrier. Junko draws her family sword, given by her grandmother, in order to side with the demon king in the name of love.

Demon King Daimao: Season 1 Episode 11
Jun. 12, 2010