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The Iron Giant Lady / Raising a New Hope

On her road to become Britain’s prime minster, Margaret Thatcher encounters several problems, as she is a giant iron gynoid with a loud voice and limited vocabulary. So she decides to take elocution lessons, and eventually learns some words that help win the election. Soon, under Thatcher’s administration, she manages to literally squash the debt ceiling, make an impact on education, and returned England currency to the rock standard. Thus inspiring other gynoids throughout the world seek positions of power. It is then revealed that Thatcher has been telling this story to the audience of the Robot Grammys where she is presenting the award who’s nominees are all various gynoid versions of Adele. / After the Hulk auditions for the Avengers, he reverts to Bruce Banner. Banner makes the best of this and decides to apply in the hopes that they might need another scientist. Iron Man considers Banner based on his inexperience, and is left with the problem of choosing who to make the official member. Seeing this a problem, both personas begin to sing a Broadway style duet explaining how they feel in regards. Eventually Iron Man decides to let the Hulk in anyway since they discover that both the Hulk and Banner are one in the same. / Madvent Calendar, Genie Lamp Used On Noisy Wanderer, The Visibility Cloak, Mad News, Alien Father Uses His Stink Gun, Band Talk to their Audience, Nessie, Super Duper Cutz Grand Opening, Spy vs. Spy, Parallel Lumberjack Deaths, Edna the Kangaroo Forgot Her Pouch, and Horse and Cowboy Enter Saloon

May. 28, 2012