Oreimo: 2x15

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My Little Sister Is This Cute

Kirino and Kyosuke head back to their hotel room to try and sort out their next move after agreeing that siblings cannot get married in real life. Kirino gets distracted with her newly bought eroge and finds that her feelings are too mixed to too concentrate on the game. Kyosuke then gives her a Christmas present which turns out to be the same ring she had asked him for the year previously, and ceremoniously puts it on her finger as a pseudo-engagement ring. Kirino reveals that she had planned on confessing to Kyosuke herself, but ran off earlier thinking that he was referring to his love for another girl. Having already given thought into their next move, Kirino shares this with Kyosuke. Sometime later, the siblings formally acknowledge their relationship to Saori and Ruri, the former of whom remains uncertain on her standpoint on the matter. After Kirino gets into her usual Meruru debate with Ruri, Kyosuke leaves to meet up with Kanako following her latest concert.

Oreimo: Season 2 Episode 15
Aug. 18, 2013