Seitokai Yakuindomo: 2x13

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How to Talk About Love Properly / Long Range Attack / Hair Showing / Cherry Blossom Sky

Takatoshi is surprised to find Uomi at his house, ready to make dinner. Shino arrives with food and they have friendly rivalry. They watch a DVD of an old film and stay the night. Aria and Suzu visit the next day and help clean. Hata tries to figure out some slogans for the council members, and rumors arise concerning Takatoshi and Shino. Igarashi slips on the stairs but is saved by Takatoshi. As Aria and Shino go to graduation, Takatoshi and Suzu do some council activities on their own. Takatoshi and Suzu catch up to Aria and Shino and ask why they are leaving without saying goodbye. They then reveal that they have not graduated yet (it was the end of Takatoshi’s first year) and they are actually holding sushi rolls, of which they make dirty jokes.

Seitokai Yakuindomo: Season 2 Episode 13
Mar. 29, 2014