Seitokai Yakuindomo: 2x3

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The Three-Day Vice President / Beautiful Lady

Takatoshi asks Kotomi to act as vice president while his class goes to Okinawa. Nene has some gags involving her device. Kotomi joins Aria and Shino in morning inspections. As the class tours Okinawa, Hata appears and asks Takatoshi to check on two teachers that seem to be flirting with each other. Suzu gets separated from the group; the students and teachers look for her. When Yokohama freaks out over a display stand for spotted dick, they find Suzu. Shino ponders whether to call Takatoshi. The next day, the class visits a lighthouse and has fun at the beach; Shino, Aria and Kotomi do the same. The class feeds fish underwater while wearing diving helmets. Kotomi asks Shino whether she and Takatoshi are dating, so Shino calls Takatoshi. When Suzu and Takatoshi return they share some snacks they bought.

Seitokai Yakuindomo: Season 2 Episode 3
Jan. 18, 2014