The Qwaser of Stigmata: 1x14

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The Melancholy of Tsujidou Miyuri

If the fiasco at the Oppai Hot Springs was not strange enough, Miyuri seems to have gone on a magical-girl head trip of her own as the heroine LiLiKamen much to Sasha’s shock when she successfully intercedes for him against a trio of molesters by shoving one away and blasting the other two with an energy beam; catalyzed by that intercession along with Tomo using her mammaries in a sort of puppet show, Sasha’s amnesia starts to improve. After having it explained to them that a crucial and dangerous element circuit has come up missing, Hana and Ekaterina approach LiLiKamen to take her under their wing for some very stringent training that enables her to successfully land an airliner; unfortunately, LiLiKamen leading Sasha through destroying a platoon of robots does nothing to extinguish the necessity of doing battle against her former classmate and teacher only to find that this is ultimately an exercise of Ekaterina’s design to exhaust the powers of the element circuit — a process catalyzed by the Neodymium Qwaser Taisuku Fujiomi.

The Qwaser of Stigmata: Season 1 Episode 14
Apr. 11, 2010