55 km/sec

55 km/sec

Dec. 20, 2020India22 Min.N/A
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55 Km/sec is a love story set on the last day of planet Earth. A cataclysmic event has occurred, life as we knew it is ending, and people have retreated into their shells as they wait for the end of the world. Two large rocks are about to crash into each other and compared to that human life in all its complexity seems so fragile and pointless. Not knowing what’s coming next, people repeat their habits from the before-times, go to the grocery store, pack their bags like they are going somewhere, try to find what shelter and safety they can, say their goodbyes and begin the countdown to the end.

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Original title 55 km/sec
IMDb Rating 7 24 votes
TMDb Rating 7 1 votes


Arati Kadav


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