Adam the Apostate

Adam the Apostate

Nergal the HereticNov. 27, 202059 Min.
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In the realm of contemporary music, Adam “Nergal” Darski surely needs no further introduction. Yet the guitarist and singer has even made inroads into general pop culture and shaped social discourse, all the while not moving away an iota from the underground ethos his ongoing career is based on. Rising from his humble beginnings in Cold-war Poland to global fame with his band Behemoth, striving for musical excellence throughout the ignominies of life-threatening illness and dubious legal battles, staying deeply spiritual and focused during even the most casual appearances in mundane limelight, it is safe to say the 1977-born has many faces, the sum of which defies categorization. Satanist or dexterous money spinner? Academically certified historian or shallow media figure? Inspired and inspiring spokesperson of a generation or mere agent provocateur? Make your guesses…

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Original title Adam the Apostate



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