nothing hurts, and you won’t be

nothing hurts, and you won’t be

Nov. 30, 20205 Min.
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The world is overflowing with sadness. People are surrounded by emptiness, and loneliness has filled their hearts. / If it’s that painful, you can stop. / If you really don’t like it, you can run away. / Do you want to be at ease? To feel at peace? Do you want to become one with me? To have our bodies and souls become one? / But if I have to be with you, I’d rather die! / Don’t worry. All living things have the ability to return to their original form, and for the heart to go on living. / Reality does involve pain, but you just have to accept it. / Anywhere can be heaven as long as you have the will to live.

Original title nothing hurts, and you won’t be



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