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In the 1970’s, the dam and hydroelectric power plant of Sobradinho, one of the most impressive works carried out during the military regime, was built in the north of Bahia. Four cities and dozens of villages were submerged. About 73,000 people were displaced, shaping up as one of the largest forced migrations in the history of Brazil. Pilão Arcado Velho was the only town in the area that has not been completely flooded. Dona Pequenita was the only former resident to return to her hometown. She lives solitarily in Pilão Arcado Velho until the present day, amongst the ruins. We went to Pilão Arcado Velho with Thereza Batalha, Fátima Massimo and Francisca Xavier, old ladies that worked as social assistants in the 70’s. Their work was to inform the inhabitants they needed to go out

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Original title Sobradinho
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