Welcome to X-world

Welcome to X-world

Oct. 29, 2020South Korea81 Min.N/A
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Three people live in Doosan Apartment in Guro-dong. Me, mom, and my grandfather. Even though it has been 12 years since dad died, we are still living under the same roof. I thought it was because of the financial situation that we could not move out of grandfather’s house. But when I found out that mom already had enough money to get a house, I became confused. Why didn’t mom move out from the “x-world” when she could? From a marriage that didn’t work out well, to a father-in-law with a temper. Why has she been enduring it, unchanging, for all the time I had witnessed her life to become a woman against marriage? One day when my anxiousness was at its peak, grandfather suggested that we live separately. Mom, reluctant to leave Guro-dong that she’d been living in for 20 years and her marriage life, will she be able to find herself and move out well?

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Welcome to X-world
Welcome to X-world
Welcome to X-world
Welcome to X-world
Original title 웰컴 투 X-월드


Han Tae-ee


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